Marine Surveys

Hired as Marine Surveyor for Towage Approval, Heavy Lift cargo & Lashing surveys for Insurance, and Vessel suitability surveys for Insurance

  • Towage survey of double tow of tanker barges, split hopper barges
  • Towage survey of work barges, flat top barges loaded with special cargo and barges in ballast, as well as accommodation barges
  • Fit for Towage Survey of Chemical Tankers, cargo vessels, and barges
  • Towage survey of Tanker barges
  • Towage survey of a Linkspan within the port of Rotterdam, NL
  • Towage survey of tow of Crane Barges
  • Fit for Towage survey of Barges loaded with a special heavy lift cargo
  • Voyage survey of Cylindrical shaped Storage Tanks by a sheerleg and assisting tug, in port of Rotterdam
  • Stowage and lashing survey of small vessels on deck of heavy lift vessels
  • Stowage and lashing survey of small vessels in cargo hold of heavy lift vessels