Towage & Salvage

Ocean towage and anchor handling.

  • Various Semi-Submersible Drill Rigs and Jack-Up rigs, Ocean Towing, Casualty Towing and Anchor Handling projects worldwide
  • FPSO preparations Gulf of Thailand, pre-lay anchor spread
  • SNORRE TLP Norway, tow-out and installation


Salvage/Decom Projects (shortlist only)

  • Wreck Removal Project, Mauretania (EU project)
  • U-864 Wreck removal Project, Norway
  • KC-19 Wreck removal project, Sri Lanka
  • Oriental Hope Wreck removal project, South Korea
  • H7 Topside, 2/4S Jacket decommissioning project, Norway
  • TOGI template decommissioning project, Norway
  • Polar Mist Cargo (Gold&Silver) recovery, Argentina
  • Vinca Gorthon wreck removal project, The Netherlands
  • MSC Napoli LOF SCOPIC, plus Phase 1 of wreck removal project, United Kingdom
  • Ice Prince LOF SCOPIC, English Channel, UK sector
  • Rokia Delmas Wreck removal, France
  • Safmarine Agulhas, LOF, South Africa
  • Twin Star Wreck removal, Peru
  • Al Khattab Wreck removal, Suez Canal, Egypt
  • Michelle Wreck removal, The Netherlands
  • Hercec Novi wreck removal Singapore Straits, Singapore
  • Offshore Maintenance projects with Work barge IBIS in Gulf of Thailand, South China Sea, Indonesian waters
  • Oceaneering pipeline burial and inspection project offshore Sumbawa, Indonesia